Monday, September 21, 2009


I am  a Photo editor. I love magazines, and I love New York.  
I left both last year. 

The world of publishing as I knew it was crumbling.  My job was becoming more about number crunching and focus groups than a creative process, and I was feeling less and less inspired.  At the office, I was dulling down. At home, my 3 year old daughter was growing up. 
It was time to press 'eject'. 
In 2008, my family and I uprooted and headed west... LA! 
LA was my home growing up. Not a foreign land, by any means... but I certainly felt displaced and twitchy about the 'going back' and the 'known-unknown' part of the move. 
A year of weird unwinding behind me, I have now pressed 'reset'. My husband and I shifted roles. He is working a ton. Me- not so much. A first.
This chapter is great and wide, and open. I love photography. I love art. I love being a mom.  I want to learn more and do new creative fun things.  A blog?? I know. But, why not? Just the idea of it has already encouraged me to take more pictures and do little projects that make me happy.
I am a more present, happy mom to my little girl.  I am over-thinking less and letting go more. Sharing some of this for no reason except that, it might be fun. 
Here I go...

Pedestrian, LA

LA on foot.  Unheard of? As a recent New York transplant, I beg to differ. I plan to set out out on walks here and there, all over-- to look for and notice the things that we all drive by. This town has lots of odd beauty to discover.