Saturday, April 24, 2010

Looking for Lillian Bassman

The other night, Isabel and I went with our friend Brooke Hodge to a party. It was at the Paul Smith Store for fashion photographer Lillian Bassman. While the LA in-store party tends to make me cringe a bit, Paul Smith is better than most, and Lillian Bassman is pretty darn cool. And, events such as these with Isabel always lend a new perspective. After playing with hats and ogling at expensive shoes, we played a little game called, "let's find the 97 year old photographer". Wandering through the crowd, Isabel looked and looked and kept looking...but, no sign of Lillian. Outside, we watched a film about her, and then I handed the camera to Isabel so that she could look again through the lens. Off she went snapping and charming her way through the scene, capturing details that often go unnoticed unless you are a 4 foot tall photographer. Along the way, we bought some socks for Daddy, and met some friends. Then, the little shooter got tired and we went home.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring break

We just got through two weeks of Spring Break. (2 weeks!?) Totally ill-prepared. Kind of absurd, actually. Mike returned after being away for a month, and understandably, did not feel like going anywhere. And, we both had work to do. As parents we went down the guilty road a bit thinking we should provide Isabel with some spectacularly fun and enriching plans (!) But in the end we both realized that Isabel was fine, happy even, to just do some good old-fashioned hanging out. In between juggling professional stuff, we managed to fill the days with misc. activities. Painting nails! Reading! Art projects! Cleaning out crazy junk drawers! Shopping for groceries at Vons! Trader Joes! Taking baths! Taking showers! Watching movies, hanging with friends and Lord knows what else. At times, we all needed a little breathing room, and would agree to find our own spots in the house to get some personal space. Of course, now that Izzy is back in school, I miss her during the day. Here are way too many photos of us doing a whole lot of nothing.