Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So Far, So Bright.

After a full and fun (and long) holiday season, I was Ready for the New Year to start. Ready to dive into a couple of projects that had been brewing towards the end of last year. Ready to hit the ground running, to dig in and to engage an inspired 2011. Now, at the end of February, I am still ready. Sure, I've been busy. But not with the dig-in stuff. Two things I have learned as a freelancer (yet seem to re-learn again and again) are: 1. You cannot count on timing to be just right and, 2. letting go of the idea that "I know what the future holds" is extremely liberating. When I am in a clear, calm head, I embrace these notions, and am able to just BE in the present. I don't think too far ahead, instead, I focus on the now. I do "the work", I do good work, and hopefully, I enjoy it. And, when not busy with work, I relish in my leisure time. Every so often, I de-rail from this way of thinking, and thoughts start to buzz and hum, "Where am I headed?", "Have I become the misc. project specialist?"; "What are my ideas and projects building, exactly?".
Thankfully, I have Isabel to snap me out of it. There is no better reminder of how to live life than watching this 6 year old. The girl just rolls with everything. Usually, with a smile. Looking at pictures of the past two months, my brow un-furrows a bit, and my eyes start to open to the fun we have been having. Oh, yeah. Right. And, no doubt, there will be a time soon when I am not free to treat her to ice cream at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday. I am looking forward to that today.