Saturday, March 27, 2010

There's a new Pillow in Town

On the eve of Mike returning home after a month away, my mom and Isabel were at it again. "Let's make a pillow for Daddy"! They discussed the design, rectangle or square? Tall or wide? Lumber jack fabric or stripes? Glasses? Eyebrows! And, scruffy hair, of course. Isabel carefully drew the face and had the brilliant idea of using her red "Viola" T-shirt that she has outgrown for the back. Sitting by her Grandmother's side, she directed each step artfully and thoughtfully, taking into account what her Daddy might think to be the perfect pillow. Sure enough, it is. I swear, they might be onto something...personalized pillows with personality. Don't want to get rid of an old blanket or t-shirt? Cherish it forever in the form of a pillow with a smile. Isabel has made a special request to be surprised by a pillow of her very own...a ripped dress was handed over as fabric to be incorporated. Can't wait to complete the family.

Friday, March 26, 2010

An old friend and his little subject

Last week, our dear friend Jason Schmidt, was in town working hard as the talented photographer he is. We didn't expect to see him as he was super busy on the West side. However, a brief window of time opened up, and there he was! Such a joy to catch a glimpse and then to witness, for the 5th year, him take our daughter's annual portrait. Her first LA portrait! For the few who may not know this, having Jason as Isabel's official photographer is an honor of the highest degree. Having him and his truly amazing wife, Cory, as friends is a huge part of what life is about. Every time I gaze at our "gallery wall" of Isabel I smile at the very true aspects of her personality that have been captured and celebrated so poignantly. Between them and the polaroids on my fridge, I recognize and appreciate the passing of time and feel comforted knowing they are there, by my side. Isabel feels pretty cool too. xx

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Day at The Races

I had never been to the Santa Anita race track before. Never been to any race track, for that matter. Over the weekend, we were invited to experience it, box-seat-style, for a friend's birthday. What a great place! For some reason I thought it might be kind of sketchy, filled with people smoking and drinking and gambling their money away while staring at the race on TV at the basement bar. Don't get me wrong- this intriguing scene could be found, hanging in the thick stench of stale alcohol. However, upstairs in the light of the beautiful sunshine-y day, outside, under the cooling overhang, was the glory of it all. This is where we were most of the time. SO MUCH FUN. Elegant and beautiful. The decor is old-world Hollywood and the place is in pristine condition. One could definitely get gussied up, big hats and all. The horses are beyond beautiful. Up close, you cant quite understand the perfection of their shape. To watch how each and every defined muscle moves with grace and's just crazy.
Isabel, of course, was thrilled. Sporting her cowgirl hat, she got lots of compliments and couldn't wait to bet again, and again. After getting a brief tutorial by an experienced friend, five bucks on "Bootleg Annie" turned out to be the winning ticket. We liked her name and her color, pink, of course. Yes! We didn't actually win, but it sure felt like it, and that's all that mattered. When the teller told Isabel "Nope, you are not a winner", she concluded that, "He is kind of old and that his eyes and brain are probably broken". I agreed. We left the park beaming, happy to head home for a late afternoon nap.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The heat is on

It is hot today. Not super hot, but getting warmer. Thank goodness there is a breeze, and on the porch- I can work and be happy. Around now is when the weather starts to worry me. UGH, the heat is coming. Too soon. All you East coasters probably want to punch me right now, but the sun can be dreadful. Before we know it, the crisp beautiful warm, yet perfectly chilly winter in LA turns into the hot summer LA. Hot and HAZY. And for a red-head sun wimp like me, that means the sun is almost inescapable. It is oppressive. And irritating. Earthquakes and fires hang heavy in the air. (There was one last night!) "Maybe the earth is angry," my daughter supposes. I think she's right. The days of the clearest blue sky with the cleanest puffiest white clouds are numbered. On days like these, everything seems washed and sparkly, renewed and healthy. Good moods all around. All senses are astute and the colors are at their best and brightest. I walk a lot on days like this. I love to just look around. Even a pile of random trash is intriguing. If it was steaming, I would cross the street to avoid it. Simply put, I am not ready to put my tights and boots away just yet.