Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Place in the Sun: RE-CAP

After several requests, and a month later, here finally are some pictures of the A Place in the Sun: Picturing California opening. (Courtesy of Sam Comen and Osceola Refetoff). A huge thank you again to MOPLA and to the photographers who helped make the show possible. It was a joy to work with you all.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer is Springing

The past couple of months have sped by. Hats off to bloggers who are more disciplined about the art of the regular post. Suddenly, the Easter Bunny has come and gone, and we are now starting to light the annual fireworks, thanks to our beloved neighbors with the secret stash. The Elysian Park desert grasses are drying and turning brown, my long warm socks and boots are being replaced by painted bare toes and sandals. School days are numbered, camp plans are being made, hats are being worn, and new swim suits are being bought. Juicy grapefruits are being plucked from the tree for greyhound cocktails, flowers that were planted need more water, and the sound of fans can be heard at night. With the smell of charcoal grills in the air, so is the summer fun. And, I am getting ready to start a full-time job. Yup. You heard me. No, not forever, just for a few months. While I know being away so much will be tough at times, I am excited to dive into fun photo shoots and to work with a creative team. It will certainly be an adjustment for us. I will certainly miss my girl and the luxury of our "whatever" afternoon plans. But, thankfully, Mike will be mostly around, and when he is not- my parents will be. Instead of winging it through the days like we often do, we have had to piece together and map out a very specific plan for the summer months (like most working families) . To get Isabel excited about all the fun that lays ahead, Mike and she have made colorful calendars with drawings and stickers to indicate what's happening when. The beach with Daddy! Science class at GrandMommy's school! Teenage cousins are coming to visit, which means King Kong ride at Universal Studios, oh boy! Camp Med! "Whatever" plans with Daddy! Rosebowl Aquatic Adventures! A family trip (including me, thank God) to NY, Woodstock, and Stoughton! Art projects galore with GrandMommy! Spanish with GrandDaddy? Gymnastics and piano too. It is a good old-fashioned lineup of summer fun. God-eyes, lanyards, ropes courses and mosquito bites most likely included. Hopefully, no BB guns like when I was a kid.