Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Ghoul

It's been a while. I guess LA fall season, chilly or boiling hot, is a season all the same. A busy one. After labor day, school starts, people "get back to work" and life starts whizzing by . For everyone. The electricity in the air I used to fear I would miss not being in NYC anymore, actually exists here too. Ok, maybe not as electric, especially when the weather is weird and hot and sultry and therefore, slow-making. But, fall is in effect all the same. When it was rainy a few weeks ago, I relished in it. Knee socks and hot baths! Tea all day and a scarf with boots, oh joy! The welcomed crispness held on kindly for Halloween. A first, in our 3 years here. Our pumpkins had a chance of standing strong, instead of melting down the steps. My makeup held rather gracefully and didn't feel as disgustingly greasy. And, the itch of wigs were bearable. (A black wig on a redhead btw is a super fun alter ego trip). Oh, happy cool fright night! Anything to make the transformation into a creepy character more comfortable is much appreciated. Despite the fact that I suffered from the most wretched food poisoning all weekend, I was able to rally for the ghoulish festivities just in time. As I was feeling like the living dead, my Morticia look was all the more enhanced and believable. I looked deadly. Brahahahaha! Isabel, my creepy little spawn looked similarly so. We were quite the pair. Finally, people actually saw a resemblance between us. And, much to her Daddy's pride, Isabel was thrilled to be the scary looking kid, rather than a cutie pie in a plush Disney costume. "That's for Easter, or something! Not for Halloween!". That's my Ghoul.