Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toy Story: Home Edition

Like millions of other Americans, we recently saw Toy Story, and pretty much loved it. The adventures of these funny Toys gets me every time! Sniff.
Afterwards, we brought out some of our own toys and had fun seeing how they all got along. Freddy Krueger, meet Totoro. Million Dollar Man meet the Mummy, aka "Astronaut Mummy". Annie, meet... Obama! You might imagine the conversations these introductions inspired, channeled by Isabel. One of the best pairings was Captain Kirk side by side with Michael Myers from Halloween. Did you know that his super creepy mask was actually a Captain Kirk mask?? I had no idea. Where or where did this motley crue of figurines come from? From one great treasure trove of a chest that belongs to my husband and resides safely in our living room. No attic for these toys!