Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Would the Wolfman Do

Does Halloween exist without the Wolfman? It's kind of unimaginable. With Mike gone on tour for a few months, Isabel and I are doing our best to carry on, step it up, and channel the spirit of the Wolfman in LA. While I still don't have a knack for extension cords and ladders and wires (I love you, Liz!), over the years, I guess I have picked up a few tips from the best. I'm even thinking of bringing some dry ice into the mix. It definitely won't be the same without the scariest, most fun Dad ever, but- the tricks and treats will prevail. Thankfully, we have my brother and family in town from China and our awesome crafty neighbors to help get things appropriately creepy and festive. Turns out my brother is a fantastic pumpkin carver. Who knew? And thank goodness, because carving pumpkins is certainly not on my list of joyous parental tasks. I'd much rather bake bloody fingers, which are going in the oven later today.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Heat Wave

We're having a little heat wave in LA. I like to call it the Halloween heat wave. Happens every year, yet still catches me by surprise. Just as soon as I put the pumpkins out, I have to bring them back in because they start to sweat. The weather in LA this year has been close to perfect, so this is by no means a complaint. In fact, I am looking at it as an opportunity to feel a little bit of the summer I didn't really have because I was working the entire time. So, this October, I am enjoying wearing my sandals and tank top with shorts- weird as it may be.
Despite me not being around much to play the past few months, I am happy to report that Isabel had a stellar time. A good Old-fashioned summer: Swimming, lanyards, friendship bracelets, braids, late nights with the neighbors, Camp Grandmommy, planes, trains and road trips, lost teeth, feathers, and pjs til noon. When I wasn't able to go on adventures to San Francisco and Santa Barbara, I gave Isabel my camera to document her experience. Not wanting me to miss a thing, she took 400 photos. Bless her sweet heart. Here is a "best-of" summer selection, including some that Isabel took. See if you can guess which ones are hers.