Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer daze

As the summer comes to its official end, here is a loose summer round-up. You see, school started today, and I already miss my girl. I sat down to finally do some work I have been itching to do yet putting off until this day, and instead I decided to dig into the photos I have taken over the past couple of months. I'm sure I just need a few days to adjust to uninterrupted time again, but until I do, the house seems awfully quiet. What did we do this summer? Well, not much. A whole lot of not much- which was really fun! Sometimes, I fight this go-with- the- flow non-planning, but I have learned that it is actually a rare and important experience to grow up with some un-scheduled time. As there was work to juggle, our fun plans were close to home, and usually pretty last minute. We spent a fair amount of time at the beach, rode the roller coaster at the pier (LOVED!), swam under the desert stars, lost some teeth (2!), spent beloved QT time with my brother and family who were here from China, baked (Tate's chocolate chip cookies!) and bbq-ed (everything), bowled, danced, climbed some trees, and fed the stray cats too. Isabel got really good at reading by herself, drawing and coloring next to me at my computer, doing Highlight puzzles (yes!) and engineering cool Lego structures. Oh, and, almost every night was a "special occasion" with a movie. We heart Harry Potter now...all 6 of them. I am really proud of how good she is at adapting to situations. If given the chance, she loves to be a wild spazz, but when it's clearly a mellow, entertain-yourself time, she is great at doing that too. This morning she lined up and walked away with her new kindergarten class. Smiling and waving goodbye, she blew me a kiss. She is SO ready.
Not sure about me.