Saturday, December 26, 2009

Desert Sky

Crazy blue wind swept sky. Clouds like you kind of don't believe. So big, and powerful- at least in how they effect light. The shadows they cast. Palm Springs isn't the Nowhere kind of desert experience, but still,  it is the in-the-middle-of-nowhere kind of weird place.  Like Vegas, the sense of inescapable nature is brutal and it abounds, stubborn-ness prevails. Makes me feel small.  Such a strange culture, the people that run to and settle in the desert. Characters galore. The cocktail lounge is a true gem in these parts.  The pictures here capture the light and the beauty that never fails to strike me. I didn't really like the shots I took of what I just described. Perhaps it's the optimist in me... 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday air

Lights are up, the sun is setting early and the chipmunks album is playing. Christmas in LA is hard to understand for those who don't live here, but it is that time of year-- everywhere.  The palm trees are standing tall against the blue sky and it is warm. Our family from back east can't believe it. But there is a slight desert chill- one that I love. It is beautiful and crisp, just enough to evoke the feeling of winter. In the visible distance, there are big mountains covered with post-card snow. Makes you want to wear scarves and light a fire and drink hot drinks. Too bad we don't have a fire place.  But!  We can still light the grill and play softball in the street. Joy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

Eggs in a nest on a crisp lazy morning after the rain. Going to the market to look for late season figs to make fig jam.  We may be too late, which may be a good excuse. Then to the hardware store for a new tool box. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pedestrian, LA #2

Walking around my neighborhood today. Beautiful day. Blue sky, non-surprise.  But, today is a really pretty blue sky.  Never get tired of the skinny tall palm trees. They are simply the best. Cracked dry earth, super juicy strawberries...and, a mattress. 

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am  a Photo editor. I love magazines, and I love New York.  
I left both last year. 

The world of publishing as I knew it was crumbling.  My job was becoming more about number crunching and focus groups than a creative process, and I was feeling less and less inspired.  At the office, I was dulling down. At home, my 3 year old daughter was growing up. 
It was time to press 'eject'. 
In 2008, my family and I uprooted and headed west... LA! 
LA was my home growing up. Not a foreign land, by any means... but I certainly felt displaced and twitchy about the 'going back' and the 'known-unknown' part of the move. 
A year of weird unwinding behind me, I have now pressed 'reset'. My husband and I shifted roles. He is working a ton. Me- not so much. A first.
This chapter is great and wide, and open. I love photography. I love art. I love being a mom.  I want to learn more and do new creative fun things.  A blog?? I know. But, why not? Just the idea of it has already encouraged me to take more pictures and do little projects that make me happy.
I am a more present, happy mom to my little girl.  I am over-thinking less and letting go more. Sharing some of this for no reason except that, it might be fun. 
Here I go...

Pedestrian, LA

LA on foot.  Unheard of? As a recent New York transplant, I beg to differ. I plan to set out out on walks here and there, all over-- to look for and notice the things that we all drive by. This town has lots of odd beauty to discover.