Monday, December 19, 2011


Only a few days left to find and open on the advent calendar! This year, Santa is coming in the form of a scruffy musician, tired from a good and long tour across America. He will drop and roll under the tree just in the nick of time. The homestretch is always tough, and Isabel's patience is to be admired. Mine, at times- not so much. On certain days, it feels like we're on a bad roommate sitcom. To make the days move faster, we have been keeping busy- as we do. Preparing sweet treats with sweet smells, playing sweet music and lighting pretty, (un-scented) candles. Isabel has danced a little nutcracker dance and sung many a classic Carol. She has worn some black velvet and lace with red ribbons in her hair, and warmed her toes many a night by my parents cozy fireplace. She sat on Santa's lap and asked him for a camera. "He was a good Santa, Mommy. But he's not the one". Rudolph and Charlie Brown and Elf have been in heavy rotation, and bedtime has started to stretch till we're too tired to stretch it anymore. Snowflakes have been made- the paper kind, particular to these parts, and daily letters with wishes and dreams have been written. In these last few days, as we scramble to wrap up work and then wrap up the last presents and tie the last bows, we cuddle up to dream sweet dreams of Daddy and of a sweet 2012. Merry, Merry, Happy & Joy to all. xx

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween, Wolfman!

The night did indeed go down. It was a fast and furious blur of fake blood and caramel apples cute ghouls and torn lace. Without the Master of Ceremonies, the ceremonies were a bit less smooth, however. Mike knows exactly how to wrangle the screeching masses of kids on Carroll street. For me, it was a tricky and funny frenzy trying to just keep up. Especially in a long blue gown and a really itchy wig. All in all, our friends on the block rocked the night with Special Fx makeup scary costumes and 8x10 polaroids. Wolfman, we hope we made you proud.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Would the Wolfman Do

Does Halloween exist without the Wolfman? It's kind of unimaginable. With Mike gone on tour for a few months, Isabel and I are doing our best to carry on, step it up, and channel the spirit of the Wolfman in LA. While I still don't have a knack for extension cords and ladders and wires (I love you, Liz!), over the years, I guess I have picked up a few tips from the best. I'm even thinking of bringing some dry ice into the mix. It definitely won't be the same without the scariest, most fun Dad ever, but- the tricks and treats will prevail. Thankfully, we have my brother and family in town from China and our awesome crafty neighbors to help get things appropriately creepy and festive. Turns out my brother is a fantastic pumpkin carver. Who knew? And thank goodness, because carving pumpkins is certainly not on my list of joyous parental tasks. I'd much rather bake bloody fingers, which are going in the oven later today.